Stove God Cooks is already preparing the follow-up to Reasonable Drought but before the rapper unveils the project, he’s delivered a quick maxi-single to hold fans down in the interim. Stove God shared “161,” produced by Superior, earlier this week, and now, he delivered the entire 2-song pack, along with “Sweet Dreams.” 

The latest single from Stove God is also produced by Superior who cooks up a dreamy sample that the rapper uses to bring us into his fantasies. “Use a brick as a pillow, sweet dreams,” he croons on the hook, fleshing out his paper chase fantasies into a slow-burning celebratory anthem.

Check out the latest from Stove God Cooks and Superior, The God That Sat By The Stove, below and let us know your thoughts. 

Quotable Lyrics
Sing something for us
The feds told a snitch n***a, sing something for us
He gave a great performance
They know they gotta chase a n***a until their Zeus returning 

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