The death of Tupac and Biggie remain unsolved yet there has been an overwhelming amount of information regarding their potential killers. Documentaries have been released and exposé’s have been published but there are few people who actually have any information regarding the death of both hip-hop figures.

David Corio/Redferns/Getty Images

While the hunt for Biggie Smalls’ killer continues, Mob James, Suge Knight‘s ex-capo, sat down with DJ Vlad where he shared details about the night the rap star was killed. James said that Reggie Wright Jr. was under the impression that a member of the Bloods and Knight’s affiliate Wardell “Poochie” Fouse was behind the fatal shooting. When asked if he believes this theory, James gave a thumbs up and said, “right on.”

James then went on to respond to Diddy’s former security guard Gene Deal’s claim that it was a man in a bowtie who fired the gun at Big. “Reggie was there. Gene wasn’t there. Gene can’t say he seen the dude pulling the trigger. He just say he remembers seeing this guy with a bow tie around — and that’s his truth. He did see this. But that don’t say that that’s the man who did it,” he said. 

Still, James added that he does believe that it was Poochie, who died in 2003, who died the gun that killed Biggie.

“Everybody in their right mind that was there knows what happened, but ain’t nobody going to say, ‘Poochie, Poochie, Poochie,’” he added. “Now that he’s dead, everybody can speak on it and whatever now. I’m surprised they haven’t came and said they know who did it. But the hood talks —  everybody knows who doing what, especially when it comes around to Death Row. Everybody knew who did it, why it was done, and some cats are still applauding the fact that it happened because we lost Tupac, so just in retaliation of that, it is what it is. That’s how they felt”

Check the clip below. 

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