If you pay attention to the fashion world, you may have noticed the major resurgence in Y2K, or early 2000s trends as of late. It’s no secret that things that were once popular tend to fall back into people’s good graces after a few years on the back burner, which is exactly what we’re seeing as the trend cycle moves into the years of the late 2000s.

At this time, brands like Supreme and True Religion were considered to be incredibly in, and could be spotted on nearly every street corner. Unfortunately for them, their 15 minutes of fame was inevitably taken over by the next big thing; something many companies have grown to expect.

According to Complex, the aforementioned labels are taking advantage of the trend cycle and are reportedly working on a collaborative collection.

Rumours began swirling after skateboard sensation Tyshawn Jones unveiled a new mural at his Brooklyn restaurant yesterday. The Supreme sponsored star was seen wearing a purple hoodie featuring the Supreme logo over top of True Religion’s famous smiling Buddha graphic.

Further details about the collaboration are tightly under wraps, but we do know that it’s expected to arrive “later this season.”

Complex reports that True Religion has been putting a lot of effort into making a comeback since 2020; they’ve apparently even dedicated 15 months of time working on their website.

The denim brand has also recently teamed up with stars like Jaffa Saba and Kida the Great, but it’s been suggested that their Supreme collaboration would likely be the most successful in their revival strategy.

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