T-Pain is well-known for writing and performing his famous song “I’m N Luv (Wit A Stripper)” and this week, he took to Twitter to ask exotic dancers one of the most pressing questions on his mind. Have they ever passed gas while dancing on a customer?

Asking a question that most people would probably be curious to find out the answer to, T-Pain seemingly visited his local strip joint and left with a few important queries, taking to social media for answers.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“Ok so the fact that I am where I am is irrelevant. But. Stripper Twitter, have you guys ever farted on a customer?” asked Teddy Penderazdoun on Twitter before explaining himself. “Women are generally superior at holding farts but I just feel like the amount of movement involved in this profession isn’t super helpful to holding the ass gas.”

Did his stripper love pass gas in the middle of a dance? Maybe… or possibly T-Pain was just coming through with some late-night thoughts for the timeline. 

His replies are filled with shocked responses and not many legitimate answers to the question. One person claimed that strippers have an easy time disguising their toots with the loud music and smoke machines in clubs, but not many actual dancers chimed in on the topic. Hopefully, T-Pain gets the answers he deserves.

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