T-Pain revealed the list of features that he has agreed to, on Twitter, Tuesday, along with a lengthy statement about the pressures of the music industry.

“I wanna start this thread off by saying I’m definitely not complaining about this but I don’t think we know what kind of pressure we put on others. This isn’t for the fans,” he said in the first post, which included his list of features.

T-Pain, Features
Sergio Dionisio / Getty Images

“So! This is the list of features I actually HAVENT done yet that I’ve gotten since the whole ‘situation’ a while back and I’ve promised to deliver. This is just features that I actually WANT to do,” he explained. “I’ve talked to these ppl personally and accepted the job.”

He added that he wishes he could get to everybody who wants to work with him, but is too busy. T-Pain even referenced having had to delay his own album three times at this point.

“I actually give a fuck about your records and in order for me to feel like I’m leaving quality shit behind for when I’m gone I gotta take my time,” he continued. “If you read this far thank you. Take care of yourselves out there.”

Check out T-Pain’s tweet thread below.

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