The Birkin Bag has been at the center of conversation over the past year and some change. While it has always been a status symbol, it’s certainly gained widespread popularity within the hip-hop community. Migos recently released a song called “Birkin” while Quavo partnered with Winners Circle Genetics to create a strain of weed named after the luxurious Hermes bag. Needless to say, Birkin Bags have been inspiring the masses over the years.

This week, rapper Tae Bae slid through with a brand new banger alongside Dreezy paying homage to Birkin Bags titled, “B.B.” The strip club friendly-anthem centers thumping bass as Tae Bae expresses his desire to spoil his woman with a Birkin Bag. Dreezy offers a much-needed perspective of a woman on the record.

Check the song below.

Quotable Lyrics
I’m the main topic
Drippin’ shit, they ain’t copped it
Call up Tae Bae, hit a n***a up for name-dropping

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