The Weeknd used to be homeless in the streets of Toronto, and now he’s living inside a $70 million mansion in Bel Air.

This week, the superstar recording artist locked down a deal on a new estate in Bel Air, California, dropping $70 million on the place, according to TMZ. The massive new estate is now in The Weeknd’s hands after he reportedly convinced the home’s previous owners to give up the keys. The home includes 33,000-square-feet of livable space. 

The deal was reportedly completed off the market. The home’s previous owners were not looking to sell, but the artist’s offer was seemingly too good for them to pass up. It comes with nine bedrooms, a spa, indoor and outdoor pools, a sports court, and a studio for him to record at. 

Rich Fury/Getty Images

The best part of is new pick-up has to be all of the outdoor space that he’s getting in the deal. As seen in photos, The Weeknd’s new estate sits on a huge amount of land in Bel Air, making it a very valuable property. The privacy he’ll be getting is unmatched.

Check out new photos of the inside and outside of The Weeknd’s new crib, and try not to get jealous.


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