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The Weeknd Shares “Dawn FM” Ft. Lil Wayne, Quincy Jones, Jim Carrey, & Tyler, The Creator

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Like many of his other releases, Dawn FM isn’t only an album, but an experience. The Weeknd has often stretched his creative limits to make his album rollouts and releases full-on movements, and we witnessed just how successful that can be as After Hours (2020) remained on the charts for over a year.

Two months ahead of the one-year anniversary of After Hours’s release, The Weeknd returns with his latest effort, Dawn FM. This one also follows a theme of sorts as laid out by track titles, and fans will once again have soundtracks to her most poignant love and heartbreaking moments.
Quincy Jones and Jim Carrey offer their voices to the project, albeit in the forms of interludes, and The Weeknd kept his artist features to a minimum as only Lil Wayne and Tyler, The Creator make appearances.

Stream Dawn FM and let us know what you think about The Weeknd’s offering.


1. Dawn FM
2. Gasoline
3. How Do I Make You Love Me?
4. Take My Breath
5. Sacrifice
6. A Tale By Quincy
7. Out of Time
8. Here We Go…Again ft. Tyler The Creator
9. Best Friends
10. Is There Someone Else?
11. Starry Eyes
12. Every Angel is Terrifying
13. Don’t Break My Heart
14. I Heard You’re Married ft. Lil Wayne
15. Less Than Zero
16. Phantom Regret By Jim

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