There will always be someone trying to get over on the public with their next scam, and someone tried using Tiffany Haddish to do it. The comedic actress founded the She Ready Foundation, an organization that gives aid to youth in foster care as well as young adults out of the foster system looking to find work, internship programs, or higher education. 

While this seems like an amazing foundation, Haddish shared a video to Instagram stating that someone has been emailing her contacts in an effort to attain their personal information.

“For the last two weeks, I’ve been getting messages from friends of mine telling me that my foundation, the She Ready Foundation, has been emailing them, asking for their personal information to volunteer,” said Haddish. The actress said that if anyone receives a real email from her foundation, they will see the names of individuals with “”, not a generic sender.

“This email has been coming from an agency,” she added, stating that she didn’t want to name the company because she didn’t want to give them publicity. Haddish told any victims of the scam to report the company “because they are trying to take people’s identities.” She added, “They’re out here trying to steal, and I don’t like that they’re trying to steal based off of these foster kids. That is wrong and not okay.”

Haddish then prayed for—or cursed—the people responsible for the scam and continued to warn the public. Check out her video below.


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