Tim Tebow’s time as a quarterback in the NFL came to an abrupt end years ago, and it’s easy to see why. His talents were more suited towards the college game, and when you’re a QB in the NFL, you need to know how to throw the ball accurately. Tebow failed on this front and it is ultimately why he lost his spot in the league.

For a few years, Tebow grinded it out in Minor League Baseball, however, he was never able to get a job in the majors. This past year, Tebow decided to quit baseball so that he could go back to football, this time as a tight end. Tebow was then signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars and as it stands, he is trying to make the team.

Tim Tebow

James Gilbert/Getty Images

Unfortunately, Tebow failed his first true test with the team, in epic fashion. On Saturday, Tebow took part in the team’s first preseason game where he ended up taking 16 snaps. Tebow was never targeted during these snaps as he mostly acted as a blocker. There were two separate occasions where Tebow completely missed his assignments, and he did so in a pretty embarrassing way. As a result, Tebow became the immediate target of social media scrutiny.

As you can see in the tweets down below, many fans were curious as to how Tebow keeps getting opportunities in the sports world. Tebow has never played tight end in his entire life, yet here he is, occupying the spot of someone more deserving. Had Tebow played well on Saturday, this would be a none issue, but now, the Jaguars are looking like amateurs for even having him at camp.

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