Trick Daddy has been trending for the last few days, but people have been shocked to find out the reason why. He didn’t release new music or cause a scene on Love & Hip Hop. Unfortunately, it’s worse than that. The Florida rap staple admitted on a recent episode of Drink Champs that he enjoys having his booty ate, lighting the internet up with memes and jokes.

“Women eat the booty, too,” said Trick Daddy Dollars on the show. “I get ate out!”

Since making the comments, Trick Daddy’s ex-wife Joy Young chimed in and claimed that she didn’t partake in such activities. Trick doubled down on his comments though, hopping on his radio show this morning and proudly asserting himself as the leader of the “E.B.G.,” which is an acronym he created for the “Eat Booty Gang.”

“I am and will forever be the President, CEO, and founder of the E.B.G. That’s the ‘eat booty gang,'” said the rapper. “I have no shame in my heart about this. And not only am I the founder, I am also a member. At E.B.G., our motto is ‘Baby, lay down, we got you.’ I hope you got me too. No pee pee, no doo doo.”

John Sciulli/Getty Images

His further comments invited responses from Tamar Braxton, Ben Baller, and more.

Listen to Trick Daddy doubling down below.

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