The Hot Boys are back in the hot seat following Turk’s comments on VladTV. The Cash Money icon is the latest rapper to sit down with the outlet and he spoke openly about that infamous photo that has been circulating for decades. In it, Birdman and Lil Wayne are seen kissing one another on the lips, and it has been the subject of controversy for decades.

Other artists within the Cash Money camp have come forward to speak about the affection they would show one another, and Turk stated that “every male has some type of gay game with their homeboy.” 

Hot Boys
Ron Galella, Ltd. / Contributor / Getty Images

Turk emphasized that when a man is secure with his sexuality, these games aren’t taken too seriously. “It is just like, somebody hitting somebody on the ass when they playin’ basketball. That don’t mean they gay,” said the Lousiana rapper. “Being the age where I’m at now, I wouldn’t play no type of games to mislead people to even think [I’m gay].”

He added that social media culture has exaggerated those kissing interactions, but Vlad questioned why an adult Birdman was kissing teenage boys on the lips. Turk explained that now, he wouldn’t kiss his son like that, but “back in those days,” it was something that they did flippantly.

“We’d do it in front of a female or some sh*t like that. It’d be a peck, like ‘N**gga I love you,'” said Turk. “I done seen a few dudes do that and I understand. I don’t look at you as gay or you like dudes ’cause you did that ’cause I understand the love that you have for your homeboy. I understand that. You ain’t doing no intimate sh*t, bruh. But if you not no real n*gga, you won’t understand that. You won’t understand the love n*ggas have for their homies.”

With all of the recent talks of homophobia in Hip Hop, people have debated Turk’s comments as they discuss men showing affection in such a way. Check out two clips of Turk’s interview with VladTV below.

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