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Twitter Reacts To MF DOOM Losing To 50 Cent In Head-To-Head Poll

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Legendary, technically proficient rapper MF DOOM’s death was announced last year on New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31, 2020). While he did pass in October 2020, his family wanted to preserve their privacy and waited to let the public know of DOOM’s death. He would have turned 50 years old in 2021, and his legacy in hip-hop will continue to persist for years to come.

Around the one-year anniversary of his death announcement (Dec. 30, 2021), Twitter user @HipHopEsp_ started a Twitter poll tournament of some of the greatest rappers ever, pinning them head-to-head in unique matchups.

In the first round, MF DOOM was matched up  with 50 Cent. To many fans’ dismay, 50 Cent won the poll 69.9% – 30.1% in a landslide. The user agreed with the outcome, saying 50 is the greater artist.

However, this outcome sparked widespread discourse about this matchup, as many hip-hop commentators disagreed with the result of the poll. Some users shamed the poll for even comparing the two artists, presumably conveying that they think DOOM is far superior.

Other Twitter users just could not believe the audacity of people to engage in the discussion, as it is futile and disrespectful to the late MF DOOM.

Who do you think was the better hip-hop artist, MF DOOM or 50 Cent?

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