Twitter is the most ruthless social media platform.

Where Facebook is the place for your grandparents to leave the most confusing comments on every tagged photo, Instagram is the place to put your best foot forward and TikTok is the spot to learn a new dance every day, Twitter is for the wolves. The second anybody tweets anything questionable, people will respond, and they will not be kind

Rapper TyFontaine learned that the hard way. 

On the same day he dropped the deluxe version of his June 2021 release, Ascension, the “Picture Frame” rapper took to Twitter with maybe the corniest bar of all time. 

Tweeting, “I’m not Drakes son But I’m everything that a don is (Adonis),” TyFontaine set himself up for failure. Extreme failure. 

Boasting 16.5K Twitter followers, TyFontaine has enough of a following where anything he posts is going to circulate quickly, and his Adonis tweet spread like wildfire, with commenters coming back with a couple of ruthless responses. 

“This just ruined my day,” one Twitter user wrote. “Never put this bullsh*t in a verse,” said another. 

More responses, from “This is the worst bar I’ve ever seen,” to a simple, “Deactivate,” rained down in TyFontaine’s quote tweets. 

The 21-year-old rapper played it cool, following up the original tweet with a crying, laughing emoji, but the damage was done. If he was considering workshopping that a little more, or maybe including it in a song down the line, the Twitter detractors made sure he knew they would NOT be there for it. 

Check out more reactions to TyFontaine’s tweet below and let us know what you think of the Adonis bar down in the comments. 

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