Ottawa rapper TwoTiime is gearing up for his moment to shine. From the release of his first single, “Hood Cry” and “Keep It Real,” which has since reached the 1M milestone on YouTube, he’s branched out with a slew of equally promising records that have fans on the edge of their seats for his debut project. On Friday, he came through with a brand new single titled, “Did A Lot.” The rapper takes it back to his stomping grounds of Ritchie Street and the realities he encountered daily growing up in that area.

“This record allowed me to reach back and reconnect with where I came from and where I’m going,” TwoTiime said. “‘Did A Lot’ is a salute to my hood and a reflection of the fact that I am simply just a product of my environment and my voice is just an instrument of the streets. There are things I can speak on, but I’d rather tell the story through my music.” 

Quotable Lyrics
Got n***as in the cage, got n***as in the grave
They took my brother Metro, and the shit ain’t been the same
Took the anger into lyrics, and I fill it with my pain
I swear I’m ’bout to blow, I can feel it in my veins

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