Fans may have bid Madea farewell, but that hasn’t stopped the beloved character from surfacing on social media. Tyler Perry has long talked about retiring portraying the elderly comedic matriarch who often chooses violence in order to hare heartwarming life lessons, and his last tour was the send-off with Madea’s Farewell Play. Those who have long supported Perry’s Madea were sad to see her bow out, but he revived the character while taking note of Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala attire.

Kardashian appeared in her all-black ‘fit that covered her from head to toe, and Madea couldn’t believe the mogul copied her style.

Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty Images

“Okay, I’m not talkin’ to Kardashian no mo’,” Madea is heard saying in a clip. “See, I knew somethin’ was wrong. This is why I can’t mess with her, that Kim. She gon’ ask me, ‘Oh, what you wearin’?’ And I told her what I was wearing and she said, ‘Oh, wow!’ You know what she did? Stole what I was gon’ put damn on. She showed up—look, I didn’t know she had did this.”

Then, Perry showed Madea rocking the same outfit on the red carpet before the character issued a warning for the ladies: don’t let your girls know what you’re wearing because some are snakes. It was all in good fun, so check out the funny clip below.

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