There are very few artists in the game funnier than Tyler, The Creator. Throughout his career, Tyler has been known for being heavy on the antics, although at the end of the day, he is able to back it up with some truly incredible music. His career trajectory is one of the biggest pleasant surprises in rap, and there is no doubt that with each project, he raises his cache to new heights.

Recently, Tyler found himself at an event with the likes of Gunna. These two don’t exactly make the same music, but they have developed a friendship as of late, perhaps over their fondness for various forms of fashion.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Either way, in a story on Gunna’s IG page, Tyler explained why he and Gunna didn’t always see eye-to-eye at first. In fact, this is mostly due to Tyler’s own prejudice, saying “I thought you were a weirdo, and now me and Gunna are best friends in the whole wide world.” Tyler then made sure to use Gunna’s real name, which just so happens to be Sergio. 

Needless to say, it was a pretty sweet moment between the two, although we question why Tyler felt as though Gunna was a weirdo. Hopefully, we get an explanation of that dynamic someday.

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