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Uncle Murda Says Lil Nas X Will Die Of AIDS On “Rap Up 2021”

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Uncle Murda dissed Lil Nas X on his newest track, “Rap Up 2021,” saying that the Montero rapper is going to “catch AIDS and die.” Murda also compared himself to DaBaby and spoke about being canceled.

“Lil Nas X gon’ catch AIDS and die like Eazy-E/Hope the LGBTQ don’t cancel me,” Murda raps. “Like they tried to stop DaBaby from getting paid, when he was talking about how they be giving each other AIDS.”

Matthew Eisman / Getty Images

Murda is referencing DaBaby’s infamous comments on Rolling Loud in Miami in 2021 when he spoke about HIV and said his gay fans don’t have it because they’re not “nasty gay n****s.” In response, he was dropped from several festivals that didn’t want to associate with the rapper.

Earlier this month, DaBaby was invited back to Rolling Loud, this time in Los Angeles, and was not met with a warm welcome from fans. He was pelted with drinks during his set.

Murda goes on to rap about Drake and Kanye’s “fake” beef, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s relationship, and more.

Of Will and Jada, he raps: “But don’t got to Instagram or get the cops in it/If he kill her, she gon’ go to Heaven and let Pac hit it.”

Check out the track below.


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