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Valee & CHASETHEMONEY Connect For New EP “Gimme Five I’m High”

By December 28, 2021No Comments

Valee has released his fourth project of the year, dropping Gimme Five Im High with producer CHASETHEMONEY. The eight-track project includes features from Lil Stl, Bricc Baby, Lil Wop, and King Louie.

The new compilation was released last week. Valee has not done much promotion for it, and neither has CHASETHEMONEY, aside from one post on Instagram. This is Valee’s first project since his trap-disco collaboration with AYOCHILLMANNN.

One of the most influential rappers in Chicago’s underground scene, Valee continues to put in the work, closing out the year with a solid drop. Listen to Gimme Five Im High below and let us know which song is your favorite.


1. Coulda Bought A Jag
2. 99 Cent (feat. Lil Stl)
3. Ruffies
4. O Yea (feat. Bricc Baby)
5. Huxtables
6. Wut (feat. King Louie)
7. Offspray Deep Woods
8. Ftb (feat. Lil Wop)

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