With an Instagram bio that reads “Oh, to be a mad, mouthy, majestic woman in a world full of frauds and followers…” you can already get a sense of 29-year-old Instagram model Brittany Renner’s unapologetically confident image.

4.6 million followers adoring (or thirsting) over Brittany’s poses ensures that her name circulates through the media news cycle every now and then, slowly but surely turning her from a household-name-companion to the main topic of conversation, not without a bit of slander along the way.

Brittany Renner has allegedly managed to indulge in her fair share of famous men, Lil Uzi Vert, Chris Brown, Colin Kaepernick, Trey Songz, Drake, Tyga, and most recently PJ Washington — just to name a few.

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Brittany Renner attends a basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Charlotte Hornets, 2019 – Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Soccer Star

Little is known about Brittany’s upbringing other than that she grew up in Mississippi with her sister Lexie and brother Steven. Brittany attended Jackson State University where she played soccer, and was the MVP for the university’s first Southwestern Athletic Conference Women’s soccer win in 2010.

Brittany first started her journey to online fame as a fitness content creator thanks to her extensive athletic background. Her Instagram consisted of fun and flirty photos showing off her soccer skills and curvy physique. Brittany’s first YouTube fitness video, “Brittany Renner Track Circuit” went viral in 2013 and helped skyrocket her follower count on Instagram. 

Brittany soon enlisted the help of a manager and her then-boyfriend Casey Therriault for her page. Casey, a soon-to-be Quarterback for the German New Yorker Lions began to grow his own social media presence at the same time. Things turned sour as Brittany began to gain more and more fame, as she previously told VladTV concerning their relationship:

 “And then you find almost like your partner is competing with you for attention, and they start to seek attention from their own page because they are trying to kind of… They are trying to keep up with you… I just felt like we started to lose focus on each other and our relationship became more about the business… It just fell apart.”

New Beginnings

In 2014, newly single Brittany began to get attention from some of the biggest names in hip hop and sports. All the media attention provided the young model with opportunities for partnerships with large brands and connections to fellow social media stars.

Brittany drew quite a stir in 2018 when she dropped the specifics of her body count by profession, noting she’d slept with “eleven athletes, five entertainers, and eight ‘regular’ men” in an Instagram live. She seemingly dropped this shockingly-private information out of nowhere, but, in reality, she was preparing for her next business move.

brittany renner 2019

Brittany Renner rocks blonde hair, 2019 – Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Later that year, Brittany dropped her first book, Judge This Cover, where she delivered all the juicy details about what happened with these famous men, although, to maintain some semblance of privacy, she gave them all cheeky code names, dedicating a chapter to each name.

“Seth: Finding Oz” is speculated to be her ex Casey Therriault. “Evan: Flag on the play” is said to be Colin Kaepernick. “Leon: Soul tie with a songbird” is likely to be Trey Songz, while “Frank: One and Done” is purported to be Ben Simmons. Meanwhile, fans claim “Ivan: Use your Head” is Tyga, and “Solomon: Malpractice” is Chris Brown. The last subject in Brittany’s book, “Hector: Dancing with the Devil,” is speculated to be Lil Uzi Vert because the two briefly dated in 2017. Brittany also slipped in a story about Drake inviting her to join an orgy, which she declined.

Her star-studded body count tally only continued to grow with her follower count, as Brittany began to get even bolder in publicly calling out her baller beaus, following her book release. The most shocking antic of all was when Brittany claimed she was carrying Colin Kaepernick’s child by posting a picture of him to her Instagram with the caption, “Preggers by @kaepernick7.” The athlete quickly brushed off her antics, simply posting a screenshot of the Kevin Gates song “Stop Lyin” with the caption, “we just gon call this my anthem now!”

Keeping it Real

In February 2020, Brittany shared an emotional video entitled, “TIME TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH,” in which she appeared stripped of her usual makeup and glamorous outfits to reveal the motives behind her actions and ever-spiraling media personality.

Brittany revealed that, in an effort to mask her insecurities, by gaining control over the men in her life, she had turned her “own brand.. [into] a facade. Like any person who has ever met me in real life, would say that I am different in real life. Nothing like what I portray on Instagram.”

After sharing the video, Brittany dipped out of the spotlight while quietly maintaining her social presence with her signature sexy photos. Brittany and basketball player PJ Washington were linked shortly after, and the two soon had a son in May 2021.

Back to Her Old Ways?

The regretful and self-aware Brittany that once was ashamed of her actions seemed to instantly disappear when PJ and Brittany split, shortly after the birth of their child.

PJ tweeted out, “you was faking it all along,” which appeared to be an indirect message that Brittany pulled the rug up from under PJ when she left abruptly with their son, and filed for divorce in the process. Due to her baller-chasing behavior, social media had long maintained that Brittany was trying to get the most money she could, by getting pregnant by one of the famous men she was sleeping with.

brittany renner 2018

Brittany attends a party at The Gold Room, 2018 – Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

PJ was subject to jokes for days for seemingly falling for Brittany’s “game” as the couple’s split raised red flags on the nature of their relationship to begin with. Claims began to surface that Brittany had been getting to know PJ from the time he was an eighteen-year-old freshman in college, despite their seven-year age gap, although Brittany did respond to one such allegation on twitter, laughing it off in saying, “Tell me more [ear emoji] this is getting juicy! Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge.”

Post-breakup, Brittany aimed to dominate the coverage of their split with a wild child support claim that PJ quickly diffused. PJ then came out with news that Brittany was preventing him from seeing his son, taking the reins into his own hands for a while. It seems as if Brittany folded in response to being put on blast, as PJ and his son were reunited just this week. Meanwhile, Brittany is back to doing what she does best — doing numbers on Instagram, out with fans, and dropping hints at her next business move.

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