These celebrity lookalikes are getting out of hand. Weeks after a man went viral for being Snoop Dogg’s doppelgänger, fooling a podcaster’s mother into taking a picture with him, a woman has been drawing comparisons to one of the most famous women in rap. 

“Who she look like?” asked a viral post on social media, but it’s clear who the woman looked like. The woman in the TikTok bears a striking resemblance to Cardi B, sharing her eyes, nose, and more. It looks like they could be long-lost sisters.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

“I’ve never seen someone look SO MUCH like someone else and not be related to them,” remarked one popular post. 

Some fans have already dubbed the woman “Cardi C” while others are taking the opportunity to shame the real Cardi, commenting that the woman has her “old” face. “Who? cardi b gotta new face,” said one person. “Cardi daddy got some explaining to do lol,” joked another.

What do you think of Cardi’s lookalike? Pretty similar, right?

In other Cardi B-related news, the rapper has recently been sticking up for Lizzo, her “Rumors” collaborator, after the superstar artist was being cyberbullied online with fat-shaming and racist remarks. Facebook has started to delete hateful comments about Lizzo, which you can read more about here.

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