Three years after its initial release, XXXTentacion’s “Sad!” track has gone Diamond after achieving platinum status 10 times as of August 13, 2021, representing the equivalent of 10,000,000 units sold for the track.

The track, which first arrived in March 2018, marked a major breakout moment for the star as he had earned a 2x platinum certification for the track just four days before his death in June.

Similar success was attached to his ? album which also pre-dated his death that year. The project earned a 3x platinum certification on its own as well. Since X’s death, the public has been treated to two full-length projects, including Skins and Bad Vibes Forever. Despite the typical uptick that posthumous projects tend to generate, the two efforts have not eclipsed the Florida artist’s final opus.

On the three-year anniversary of X’s death in June, several rappers shared their last conversations with the rapper in his honor. Notably, Kodak’s final conversation with X was chilling in hindsight as X expressed caution, asking that Kodak pay attention to be mindful of his actions and to mind the company he keeps.

“Just please, please be cautious. It be the animal in us that drives us to do the things that bear us consequences,” X could be heard aying in a phone call. “…Cus we the ones with all the love. We are the ones with the love fam. You know when you f-*cked up really, the love is when you stared giving n*ggas money. When you start giving n*ggas money that’s when they f*ck up the relationship and I noticed that. It could be small shit, like a n*gga hungry, pull up to my crib and come eat.”

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