As he awaits his trial, YNW Melly doesn’t seem to be stressing about his court case. Last week, the rapper released his latest project Just a Matter of Slime—an album he recorded while behind bars. Melly has been incarcerated since 2019 after he was arrested for his alleged involvement in the 2018 shooting deaths of two YNW associates, 21-year-old Anthony Williams and 19-year-old Christopher Thomas Jr.

Melly has long denied culpability and reportedly pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. His supporters and fans have continued to petition for his release and Melly has continued to promise that he will be home sooner than later.

On Tuesday (August 17), YNW Melly resurfaced on social media once again with a message to his fans. Recently, a video of the rapper in jail showing off his Gucci shoes went viral, and it got him into a little bit of trouble with guards. “To all my fans i love y’all and truly appreciate y’all,” he began.

“The broward county main jail lieutenant had confiscated my gucci shoes and my gucci sock / headband due to the promotion video i posted for my album in just a matter of slime last Friday,” Melly continued. The violation has caused him to lose his “video visitation privileges for 90 days,” so Melly will not be able to “interact with my family and fans through video visit.”

However, the rapper added that “the risk was worth it” because “we went #1.” Melly closed out his message by saying, “They can take my shoes, socks and visit but they can’t take that #1 away i did it for y’all.” What did you think of Just a Matter of Slime? Check out the album, and Melly’s post, below.

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