YNW Melly reportedly helped produce his new album, Just A Matter of Slimeover the phone while in prison by making calls to secure features from Young Thug, Future, and Lil Uzi Vert. TMZ reports that Melly spent the better part of eight months spending hours at a time getting it done over the phone.

Sources tell the outlet that the rapper recorded the majority of his verses before he was even imprisoned.

Melly recently uploaded a call from prison to his Instagram to promote the new album, which was released on August 13th.

“It’s your boy YNW Melly and I want y’all to go stream my new album,” he says in the video from prison posted on Friday. “Everything Gucci, as you can see,” he continued while holding up a Gucci show to the camera.

Melly has been imprisoned since February 2019 awaiting trial in Broward County, Florida. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for two counts of first-degree murder.

Additionally, the families of the victims have filed civil suits against the rapper.

“In a wrongful death such as this, no amount of money will make the family whole, make the family happy,” attorney John M. Phillips told Complex of the case. “But that’s the way the civil justice system works.”


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