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Yung Bleu Celebrates Landing Lil Wayne Placement After Starting To Produce Last Week

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Alabama-born rapper Yung Bleu is best known for his emotional vulnerability in his music but in a few months, he’s betting on himself and guaranteeing that we’ll all know him for his out-of-this-world beats. After landing a beat placement with Kodak Black after only learning how to produce last week, Bleu is celebrating his latest placement with Lil Wayne, demanding at least $50,000 per beat now that he’s got a song with Tunechi.

Moon Boy is his producer name and next year, Bleu is making sure the world knows he’s multi-talented in this music game. After working with producer Turbo this week, Bleu confirmed that he sent a beat to Lil Wayne, which the rapper sent back and absolutely obliterated.

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“N***AS AND GENTLEMEN LIL FUCKING WAYNE JUST DID A WHOLE SONG TO ONE OF MY BEATS WTFFFFFFF,” proudly wrote the rapper on Instagram, sharing his text message exchange with the all-time great. “YESTERDAY PRICE NOT TODYA PRICE YOU N***AS CANT TELL ME SHIT NOW ION WAnnA HEAR NUN OF DAT SHIT BOI 2022 I’m fenna be a dangerous azz n***a mane.”

He went on to quote Fat Joe another time, telling folks that yesterday’s price is not today’s, readjusting his price to $50,000 per beat. He has earned congratulations from DaBaby, Juicy J, Kodak Black, and Fat Joe himself.

Are you excited to hear more of Moon Boy’s production? We will keep you posted on the status of his song with Lil Wayne.

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