After the mother of his child called him out on social media, Yung Bleu has returned with a message. The singer has been on the rise and with collaborations and co-signs from the likes of Drake, Chris Brown, and Big Sean, Bleu is lining up to be the next in line. However, it seems that he is experiencing “mo’ money, mo’ problems,” and his personal life is becoming a trending topic to be debated by the public.

Bleu addressed his loved ones who have been causing a few problems while revealing some of the issues he may be dealing with behind the scenes. “Y’all be thinking it’s luck that a mf be rich , nah , our mind really on a different frequency,” he began.

“Some people go get it, and some people built to just ask for sh*t. they dnt move on that frequency . And in return they blame you for them living average,” Bleu wrote. “U can help them all day but they think cuz u rich they supposed to be rich . U suppose to change everybody life but mfs dnt bring no plans , strategy’s, ideas or buisness plans. Barely even talk to u until they want sum.”

He added that he understands that people need help “from time to time,” but he doesn’t accept those that pick apart how he’s living when he believes he is the only one “grinding hard enough to be here.” And stay here.” He promised that he wouldn’t go “broke taken care of all u mfs” and said that he “can’t want something for you more than you want it yourself.”

Yung Bleu received several co-signs, so you can read through his post below and let us know if you agree.

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