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Yung Joc Explains Child Abandonment Charges

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Following his arrest and swift release from Gwinett County Jail, Atlanta-based rapper, Yung Joc, took to his radio show, Yung Joc & Streetz Morning Takeover, where he was interviewed by fellow host, Mz. Shyneka, to go over the details of his arrest and clear the heat off his name.  

On May 5, as we reported, Joc was arrested for child abandonment and paid a bond of $1300 for his release.

Joc is a father of eight and with four different baby mothers. The arrest stemmed from an incident with one of these mothers, the exact identity of whom remains a mystery. Nonetheless, Joc admitted to paying $5000 a month in child support to this particular mother, apparently going above and beyond what was necessary, in order to keep her content.

However, with his wedding to fellow Love & Hip Hop star, Kendra Robinson on the horizon, Joc explained, “I had been paying so much money up ahead, to stay ahead, not just to stay ahead, but because I don’t want no smoke. Once I realized, I don’t have to pay this much money…” He went on to say that once he realized he was paying too much, he attempted to involve their attorneys and establish the appropriate amount for his child support payments. However, when Joc approached the mother about a reduction in his child support payments, the mother disagreed. “That person got mad. That mother got mad. Like no, you are supposed to keep paying me this,” Joc said.

Since both parties were unable to agree upon an appropriate amount, the baby mama apparently took the matter to the Gwinnett County Police, who then issued a warrant for child abandonment, thus leading to Joc’s recent arrest. 

Joc admitted he was embarrassed by the claims, but stated he would never abandon his children and continues to pay child support.

Check out the full clip below.

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