At just 18 years old, YungManny has made quite an impression on the music industry. He has proven to be extremely talented when it comes to beat selection, and his energy is pretty contagious whenever he touches the mic. His youthful exuberance is a breath of fresh air, and with each new single, he shows fans just how rambunctious he can be. In fact, it is something he makes a point of showcasing on his latest release, “BSU (Shut Up).”

Throughout this new track, YungManny raps over a beat that contains some fiery horns that sound like they come from a high school marching band. From there, YungManny delivers some fairly violent lyrics, all while noting that he isn’t to be messed with. Based on the video, it seems like YungManny is truly beating home the high school theme, which makes sense given his age.

Stream the song, below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m in the hood everyday of the week
From Midnight, Dawn to Dusk
I ain’t gonna wait til we off
You gonna get your ass beat on the bus

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