Insecure star Yvonne Orji responded to a fan who labeled her the “meanest” celebrity she had ever met on Twitter, earlier this week. The interaction revolved around Orji refusing to offer the fan a picture, but the situation quickly became more complicated than it may seem.

The fan explained in a series of tweets: “She gets to the part of her speech about being persistent. She’s like ‘I only got to where I got because I never took no for an answer.’ And then she gestures over to me and says something like, ‘That girl wanted a picture with me, but I said no. If she were more intentional about what she wants, maybe she’d have her pic.’”

“In the moment I was like uhh that was rude,” she added. “I thought she might come up to me and be like oh I was joking and take the pic but no. That put a bad taste in my mouth about her forever. And I didn’t even want the pic that bad! I just thought it would be cool to post on my story.”

Randy Shropshire / Getty Images

Orji replied: “Hey Crystal, I’m saddened that’s how you left the event feeling after an encounter with me. Truly wasn’t my intention to make you feel anything less than the beautiful woman you are.”

The fan responded by explaining the difference between persistence and harrassment: “Persistence isn’t when you seek PERMISSION for a picture and the answer is NO. That is CONSENT. Any ‘persistence’ in your case can be termed HARRASSMENT & any sensible person would also walk away. Yet u decided to used her as an example? Wow! Sorry but you are mean. Pls own it.”

Check out the series of tweets below.


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